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Anti-gray shampoo - Shiny Black

Anti-gray shampoo - Shiny Black

The natural and safe solution to restore the original color of hair

Product features:

  • Gradually restores hair to its original color
  • Eliminates gray hair permanently
  • Completely free of any dyes
  • Effective results after 3 weeks of use
  • Better than dyes and chemicals
  • Extracted from natural and safe materials
  • Does not cause damage to the skin or epidermis
  • Suitable for women and men (hair and beard)
  • Suitable for all hair types

Its components

Anti-gray hair shampoo - Shiny Black is a group of herbal extracts, namely: aloe vera leaf juice, naupliss flower, hexyl cinnamon, coconut oil. All of these ingredients are 100% natural and safe to use and do not cause any harm to the skin or skin.

How to use

1- Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo and massage the scalp for two minutes
2- Leave the shampoo for 15 - 20 minutes, massaging every 5 minutes
3- Wash and dry the hair

Where can it be used?

Anti-gray shampoo - Shiny Black is used for women and men and is used for hair and beard

Its mechanism of action

Anti-gray hair shampoo - Shiny Black stimulates the pigment cells in the hair to gradually secrete melanin, which is responsible for giving the original color to the hair, so that the hair returns to its natural color.

Product dimensions

Package dimensions:
Length: 3.5 cm
Width: 4 cm
Height: 11 cm

Product dimensions:
Length: 3.5 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Height: 10 cm

Total weight: 64 g


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