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Volcanic Mud Gel – Volcanic

Volcanic Mud Gel – Volcanic

The perfect solution to lighten, moisturize and unify skin tone in addition to getting rid of layers of dead skin


Features of the product:

  • Effective results with regular use
  • Works on Lightening skin and unifying its color
  • Works to get rid of layers of dead skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin as it is free of chemicals
  • Deeply cleanses the layers of the skin
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Extracted from natural and safe materials
  • Does not cause damage to skin
  • Suitable for men, women and children
  • Suitable for all skin types


Where to use the product:

Volcanic Mud gel – Volcanic can be used in all parts of the body (face – neck – underarms – arms – abdomen – back – sensitive areas – legs)


The mechanism of the product:

Volcanic Mud gel which is extracted from bamboo charcoal powder, kaolin and bentonite, helps to remove chemicals, dead skin and oil accumulated in the layers of the skin by absorbing it, giving the skin a cleaner, brighter and softer appearance.

Ingredients of the product:

Volcanic Mud Gel – Volcanic is extracted from natural oils and herbs namely Volcano Ash, Aloe Vera, Broccoli Extract, Bamboo Charcoal, Green Tea, and White Raspberry Roots. All these ingredients are 100% natural and safe to use and do not cause any damage to the skin


How to use the product:

Apply an appropriate amount of gel to the loofah or shower brush with a little water and rub it completely with a gentle massage, leave 10 to 15 minutes after rinsing

Preferably 2 to 3 times a week for best results

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