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Skin Whitening Cream – Luliana

Skin Whitening Cream – Luliana

The perfect solution to remove dark spots and pigmentation, and to unify and lighten skin tone


Features of the product:

  • Provides radiant, whiter skin
  • Gives skin the moisture it needs
  • Works on Removal of blushing Skin and the dark spots
  • Extracted from natural and safe materials
  • Does not cause damage to skin
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for all skin types


Where to use the product:

Lightening cream – Luliana can be used in all parts of the body (face – neck – underarms – arms – abdomen – back – sensitive places – legs)


The mechanism of the product:

It works to remove dead cells from the skin and reactivate the tired cells located in the superficial and deep layers of the skin thus lightening and unifying the skin tone


Ingredients of the product:

Skin Whitening Cream – Luliana  is an extract of natural oils and herbs namely coffee beans, coconut, lemon, cinnamon, and cedar wort. All these ingredients are 100% natural and safe to use and do not cause any damage to the skin


How to use the product:

The place where the cream is to be applied is washed with water preferably warm water and dried. Then a layer of lightening cream – Luliana is applied to the skin and stirred in a circular manner until its trace disappears and is absorbed by the skin and left unwashed as long as possible

Best use daily morning and evening for best results

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