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Luliana keratin shampoo


Keratin shampoo for repairing damaged hair


The Keratin shampoo is enriched with pure and natural essential oils.
It provides an excellent care for fast growing hair by providing the care your hair needs.
The vegetable oils in its content also have unique antioxidant properties.
It has an anti-aging effect on hair follicles and reduces the risk of hair loss.


Many people are exposed to the problem of hair loss in large quantities, and they resort to cutting hair in order to avoid this problem while there are natural solutions available through which you can treat the problems, we recommend for you our exclusive product Luliana Keratin Shampoo which includes Horsetail herb.

It is one of the rare and useful herbs with a strong effect on the body and hair, as it stimulates hair growth and treats the follicles and helps the herb to stimulate blood circulation, which increases hair growth, lengthening and intensification.

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 30 cm
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