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What conditions are medical massage creams suitable for? What is the method of using it?

The fast pace of the day, long work hours, and the responsibilities of daily life can tire our bodies and minds, and one effective way to reduce the effects of this fatigue and stress is to use medical massage creams ((products developed with special ingredients to relax muscles, relieve pain, and calm the mind)).
So, in what cases are medicated massage creams used and how are they used?

Cases that medical massage creams are suitable for

  • Muscle pain and tension:
    Physical activities, incorrect postures, or excessive stress can lead to muscle pain and tension. Medical massage creams can help relax muscles with the special ingredients they contain.
  • Stress and anxiety:
    For those who want psychological relaxation, medicated massage creams are an excellent choice. Especially since the essential oils and plant extracts they contain can relieve stress and anxiety through their calming effects.
  • Sleep problems:
    Medicated massage creams can help those who want a better quality of sleep by helping the muscles relax and calming the mind.
  • Fatigue and weakness:
    After a busy day, medical massage creams can be used to relieve accumulated fatigue in the body and gain energy.

How to use medicated massage creams

  • Clean skin:
    First, clean the area you intend to massage. Clean skin helps absorb the cream better.

  • Application of the cream:
    Take an appropriate amount of medical massage cream in the palm of your hand. You can use more or less as needed.
  • Massage:
    Apply the cream by massaging, that is, apply the cream to your skin with light pressure and circular movements. This helps relax the muscles while also nourishing the skin.
  • Comforts:
    After applying the cream, take some time to rest and feel its effects.
  • Cleaning:
    After feeling the full effect, gently remove the remaining cream. Avoid contact with the eye area, especially when applying to the face area.

Medical massage creams provide relaxation to the body and mind with their effective ingredients. However, it is important to read the product packaging carefully, as each product may have its own instructions for use. By being careful not to exaggerate and choosing products appropriate for your skin type when using medical massage creams, you will take an effective step to avoid stress and relax.

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